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Aug 13

Recruiting Competent Board Members [Philanthropy Journal] -

From the article - “In our recent Philanthropy Journal poll about recruiting board members, respondents indicated that they frequently face challenges in recruiting competent volunteers to their board. The economic downturn the country has been dealing with for more than five years has made it even more challenging for more than a third of the respondents to recruit competent board members. At a time when nonprofits need skilled and dedicated volunteers to help make the strategic decisions necessary to navigate difficult financial times such leaders appear to our survey respondents to be in short supply.” read more

May 20

10 Good Fundraising Ideas for the Novice Fundraiser -

From the article - “You don’t have to be a professional to be successful at fundraising. In fact, some of the best fundraisers are so easy anyone can organize them! The following are 10 good fundraising ideas for the novice fundraiser.”

Read more:

May 05

How to Find Your Nonprofit’s Potential Donors on Pinterest [VIDEO] -

From the post - “We’re huge proponents of nonprofit marketers thinking and working like for-profits—especially in branding and marketing. And Pinterest is a marketer’s dream, with its predominantly female and relatively wealthy audience. So while B2C and B2B think of Pinterest as the social media site that’s chockfull of potential customers, your nonprofit social media manager ought to see it as a hub for future donors.”

Gouvernance au quotidien - Everyday Governance: The Governance vocabulary -


We thought you should be curious to visit a list of most used word in the governance field. Note the mix of accounting and legal terms, but also some specifics to boards like Code of Conduct, Conflict of interest, meeting procedures or board evaluation. We will update this vocabulary on a regular…


May 04

Criteria for Board Member Candidate Consideration -

Apr 27

I finally found a photo of a boardroom that didn’t have a copyright or was copied from another site. I took this one myself … with my iPhone. It’s the small things that count!
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Brent Jackson

I finally found a photo of a boardroom that didn’t have a copyright or was copied from another site. I took this one myself … with my iPhone. It’s the small things that count!

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Brent Jackson

Apr 21

Does Your Nonprofit Retool?

"Only those who constantly retool themselves stand a chance of staying employed in the years ahead." - Tom Peters

     I love this quote from Tom Peters.  It is true for individuals but I think it is also true for organizations as well.  Is your nonprofit retooling?  In a fast changing world, it is important to “retool" if you want to survive and be relevant in your mission.

     Everyone talks about using social media.  A great “retool" for any nonprofit.  Is your nonprofit board using eGovernance tools to help with board and committee meetings?  Have you looked at cloud computing to lower techology costs, expand capacity or improve productivity?  What about crowd funding as a new source for donations and program funding?  Are you using meetups to help with outreach and volunteer recruiting?  Your nonprofit must improve, adapt and retool … or lose ground to other nonprofits that do.

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Brent Jackson

Apr 08

Nonprofits pay for top talent  |

Apr 06

The Secret Handshake (Exceptional Boards Blog) -

From the post - “Board recruitment is broken — and I’m not the only one who thinks so. In recent surveys conducted by the Taproot Foundation and BoardSource, nonprofit leaders reported frustration in securing the right talent and, specifically, with knowing where to look for it.”  Read more.

Reasons to Join Nonprofit Boards and Concerns to Address -

From the post - “With the increasing demands of billable hours and outside commitments, it is tougher and tougher for young lawyers to find time to join nonprofit organizations as board members and take on board leadership positions. However, nonprofit corporations are searching for new and enthusiastic board members to bring energy and knowledge to their organizations.

As you develop your practice, you will come into contact with individuals who are members of nonprofit organizations’ boards or officers of nonprofit organizations. As discussed below, there are many great reasons to join nonprofit boards and several issues that you should address before deciding whether to join a particular nonprofit board.”  Read more.

Apr 04

Annual Checklist for #Nonprofit Board Members

#Nonprofits #BoardService

1 – Make your annual donation!  You should financially support your nonprofit even if it does not require a donation from its board members.

2 – Update your profile (or directory) information.  Has your phone number or address changed?  Did you change jobs?  Most nonprofit boards maintain a profile sheet or directory for board members.  Make sure the information is correct.

3 – Check the status of your term.  If your board limits the number of years (or terms) a member can serve, check if you’re near the end of your term.  If so, you have some planning to do!  Prepare a package of information that needs to be turned over to the board when you step down.  Have a plan to transition any projects or documents you will not be able to finish before the term is ends.  Think about your role with the nonprofit after you step down.  Maybe you can serve on an advisory group or continue as a volunteer.

4 – Recommend a new board member.  All boards need a constant flow of new members.  This is a great time to chat with professional friends and colleagues about nonprofit board service.  If one is interested, refer them to the committee responsible for recruitment.  All board members should help with this task.  It should not fall on the recruiting committee alone.  (Note – Keep the boards recruiting targets for skills and / or professions in mind as you talk to people.)

5 – Review your nonprofit’s IRS Form 990 or 990-EZ!  All nonprofits must file a tax return with the IRS.  This form is available to the public.  Look at it please!  Make sure it was filed and that it is correct.  You don’t want to be a board member of a nonprofit that loses its tax exempt status.

6 – Review your nonprofit’s state tax return.  Does your state require a tax return from nonprofits?  If so, ask to see that return as well.

7 – Review your nonprofit’s year-end financial statements.  A board can’t ensure the financial health of a nonprofit without reviewing financial statements.  Make sure you have seen them and understand what is on them.

8 – Review this year’s budget.

9 - Review the nonprofit’s policy manual.  This is part of governance.  There are policies listed on the IRS Form 990.  Your state or local government may require nonprofits to have certain policies.  Any lawyer or HR professional will have a list of polices highly recommended for financial management, risk management and operations.  All policies should be easily available for you to review.  Make sure the nonprofit has all the policies it is required to have.

Tell me if I missed something!  I’m happy to update the list.

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Apr 02

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Mar 29

The Single Best Way To Develop Leadership Skills -

From the post - "Nonprofit board service is particularly compelling for business people and professionals seeking to develop as leaders."

Six Critical Questions for Nonprofit Boards -

From the post - “Mario Morino, Venture Philanthropy Partners Chairman, recommends that nonprofit boards answer six critical questions to insure that their nonprofit is prepared for changes that might lie ahead.”

Searching for a Nonprofit Board – Try BoardNetUSA

         I listed ideas to find a nonprofit board for board service in past blog posts.  Remember you must have patience during the process (Searching for a NonProfit Board: Patience is a Virtue).  I have a post on the number of nonprofit boards and the process to join most boards (Joining a Nonprofit Board – The Intro).  The simplest way is to find a local nonprofit you are interested in and just ask to serve on the board (Joining a Nonprofit Board – The Search and the Ask).  Lastly, I gave three places you can check for a list of nonprofits in your area (The Search and the Ask Follow-up).  This is all you need to actively search for your first (or next) nonprofit board.

          What if you’re a busy professional.  Or, you’re new to the area and don’t know the local nonprofits.  There is a passive way to search for a nonprofit board to serve on … let the nonprofit board find youBoardNetUSA is a website that matches nonprofit boards to people looking to serve.  And, it’s free to use!

          All you have to do is set up a profile on the service.  List your skills, interests and background information in your profile.  Nonprofit boards post requests for new board members.  The nonprofit will list any skills or background it’s needs in a board member.  If you match, BoardNetUSA will send you an email.  Easy!

          Be prepared!  It may take a month or two to get a match.  Also, once a match is made, it could end up a false start.  The process is very close to interviewing for a job.  At anytime during the process, either party could decide “this will not work out after all”.  Don’t take it personally and don’t give up!

          I’ve served on 7 nonprofit boards.  I found 5 of the 7 boards using the service.  Try it and tell me if it works for you.

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